Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mother Nature lost her calendar

I've seen the comments on FB and I am right there with you. Where is the friggin' sun? Why does it have to look like February every time I look out my window? This is whack. I've got a refrigerator filled with delicious summer beer (try Anderson Valley BrewCo's Summer Solstice, it rocks!) and visions of barbeque's in my head but alas, mother nature is crying again.

Is this global warming? Is it a sign from God? (his last sign was apparently incorrect). Is there some really scary conspiracy theory about a giant weather machine that the government is controlling? Perhaps the ice age is coming back and extinction is on the horizon? Where is the horizon anyway?

Days like these are making me crave movies like 2012, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and When Worlds Collide. Oh happy days...

But as I write this, I realize that being a Californian, I am a bit more of a complainer when it comes to the weather. And rightly so! We live in Cali BECAUSE we demand great weather! Do we simply like to live in a more expensive state? Hardly. We need our sunny days for beach trips, hiking, wine tasting, bbq's...I mean the list goes on....

But hey, it's probably best to have a good attitude. Like always, the weather will get better. Just hope it's in my lifetime!

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