Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's a small world after all

My family and I journeyed to good old Disneyland last week. Had to admit, I expected to spend the day in lines watching interestingly-dressed human beings of all sizes, shapes and cultures to pass my way. While the latter was true, and actually one of my favorite things about the park, the lines were not that bad!

Let's talk about the "interestingly-dressed humans" we encountered. Kids - you know 'em, and we all have that love/hate relationship with 'em. Some were screaming from their suburban Jeep strollers (you know the ones, with the fat wheels and the off-road capabilities that will no doubt keep the diaper bag and random bottles of baby bottles securely in place), others were simply asleep, while still others were staring into space with random bits of  food strewn across their faces.

We also encountered many Jack Sparrows. Adult ones. Big adult ones. With makeup, the pirate hat, long dreds and a swagger that would make Mr. Depp very proud. While I take my hat off to the Sparrows I encountered, I often wondered if these same gentlemen wore these outfits outside of the park, on a random tuesday, to the office? Not sure if they would be as highly regarded as they are in Mickey's paradise.

There were also lots of tweenies and teenagers at the park. Look out your front door for more information (or there's always Wikipedia).

Suffice it to say that we had an awesome time. I went on my favorite rides; Pirates, Haunted Mansion ("there are no windows and no doors..." - one of my favorite lines!), Matterhorn, Mr. Toads Drunken Extravaganza, Space Mountain, and plenty more. It's funny that as an adult one feels a bit oversized when climbing into some of these rides, but that is the price one must pay.

We also hit up California Adventure on the second day of our trip. Didn't spend as much time, but I've got to say that the Soaring Over California ride was fantastic! Love the smellovision. I just wish that it was about 20 minutes longer and that one would be allowed to smoke cloves whilst making the journey.

The Aladdin show at C.A. was simply fantastic. To be honest, I didn't have high expectations as I thought the show would be aimed at the little ones, but I was pleasantly surprised at the random social commentary and extravagant, "over the top" props and special effects. And the Genie stole the show. Once he appeared the show took on a whole new dimension. It was like stand up. Really good stand up. Go check this out if you haven't lately.

I knew I was enjoying myself when I glanced down at my watch and noticed it was 3 hours later than I thought. be lost in the happiest place on earth and lose track of time. Money well spent.

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