Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rude Awakening

At 4am in the morning I was the victim of a vicious attack. There were two of them. They were merciless. Evil. Quick. Cunning. And Cute. Yes, the 2 cats that we rescued a few years back were being asses. Have you ever seen that old Chuckwagon commercial? no? well, go here now, you gotta see this:

So, this is what it was like this morning. Attack of the cats. It sounded like the ground was quaking under me. But no, it was my 2 formerly homeless cats chasing each other downstairs, upstairs, up and down - through the hall, right into my bedroom. They are not the biggest cats in the world, but I swear that it was like a scene from 2012 when John Cusack is racing his limo through around and over disaster upon disaster.

So what did I do to end the tyranny and get back to sleep? I took my large laundry basket to block the path from my bedroom to the hall. Did it work? Yes, for about 3 minutes. Then they simply and with great skill, went around it.

Why didn't I lock the bedroom door? because my lock is crap. You could blow on my bedroom door from the outside and it would probably open. You could think about opening the bedroom door and...whammo...your wish is granted.

I think I got up 4 times before the anarchy finally was over. What was my solution you ask? nothing. They got tired and went to go eat. Or should I say refuel?

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